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Mr. Horsepower Woodpecker

Camshaft designer Clay Smith founded the Clay Smith Cams speed shop, and its mascot is the famous cigar-chomping Horsepower Woodpecker. The woodpecker is also an indispensable symbol in the Hot Rod village, which is revered for its speed and power. The bird is said to be able to reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, and its powerful beak can break through concrete. In addition to being the mascot of the Clay Smith Cams speed shop, the Horsepower Woodpecker is also a popular figure in hot rod culture. It has been featured on numerous magazines and websites and has even been immortalized in a statue in the Hot Rod Village. Whether you're a fan of fast cars, rat rod cars, or appreciate an excellent cigar-chomping bird, the Horsepower Woodpecker is sure to make an impression.