Pinstripe Decals

Pinstripe decals for car are a great way to add a personal touch to your car. They come in a variety of colors and styles, easy to apply and can be removed without damaging the paint. You can apply them yourself with a little patience, or you can have them professionally installed. Either way, pinstripe decals are a great way to show off your personality and make your car stand out from the rest.

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Pinstripe Car Meaning

A pinstripe car decal is a thin line of paint or vinyl decal applied to a car. Pinstripes were originally created for race cars to make them look more sleek and aerodynamic. However, they eventually became popular among regular car and motorbike owners. Many believe that having pinstripes on their vehicle makes it look more stylish and sophisticated.

History Of Pinstripe Car Decals

There are a few different theories about the origins of the term "pinstripe." One possibility is that it comes from the fact that these thin lines of paint or vinyl decals resemble the stripes that are found on a pinstripe suit. Another theory is that the term comes from the fact that the lines are so thin that they can only be seen when the car is in direct sunlight. Regardless of the term's origins, pinstripes continue to be a popular way to customize cars.

How Many Types Of Pinstripe Decals?

There are a few different types of pinstripe. The most common is pinstriping decals for cars and pinstriping decals for motorcycles.

Pinstriping Decals For Cars

Race cars often have pinstripes to make them look more sleek and aerodynamic. Lowriders also usually have pinstripes because it is a popular way to customize these vehicles. Trucks also often have pinstripes for the same reason. No matter what car you have, pinstripes can be a great way to add a little style and personality.

Pinstriping Decals For Motorcycles

Pinstriping decals for motorcycles is a popular way to customize your bike. It is often stuck on the fuel tank cap or the motorbike body, creating an awe-inspiring design that stands out from the crowd.


No matter where you stick these pinstripe vinyl decals, they will make your car look more stylish. Pinstripes have been around for decades and are a popular way to customize cars. If you're looking for a way to add a little personality to your vehicle, consider adding some pinstripes!


Product Details

The Door Car Vinyl Decal was made with – vinyl -specially designed for cars and motorcycles. Rapid air technology to help avoid bubbles under stickers. It was printed with eco-solvent colors that are environmentally friendly and laminated. Do not fade in the sun!

Specification & Guide

Transparent decals: These are transparent decals and these are UV coated to add durability and longevity to your stickers (even in direct sunlight).

Attention: These are not your $1 stickers or a variety of cheap screen prints that begin to peel, fade, and crack within a few weeks..

  • Qualified Vinyl: The car vinyl decal has five layers: a transparent anti-fading film, a multi-layer ink layer, a transparent decals layer, an adhesive layer, and finally a backing paper layer.
  • Easy To Install: The installation will be a piece of cake. Simply slowly peeling off, spray water to wet the decal and the automotive surface (to reposition easily), then apply the decal to the surface.
  • Durability: Strong adhesion to ensure the sticker stays still for a long time. Weather resistance is also a strength that prevents corrosion, material loss, or deterioration due to prolonged exposure to harsh environmental and weather conditions. Removing the stickers will not leave a sticky residue, and there is no damage to the car's original paint.
  • Perfectly Fit: Suitable for every car model and color. It can be applied at every angle on the car's surface.
  • Aesthetic graphics: Using high-pixel images (4K, 8K) with Advanced inkjet printing technology so the graphics will be displayed with the best performance. Make the car more attractive and catch people's eyes.
  • Contour Cut means that after the decals are printed, we will cut around the main outer edge of the design.
  • We will cut the inner border for some designs with large internal gaps.
  • The maximum distance from the outermost edge of the decal's design to the cut is about 5cm.

Actual picture

  • Medium: 15x15 cm (6x6 inches)
  • Large: 55x55 cm (21x21 inches)
  • This size represents the product’s longest length.
  • We can create custom sizes according to your wish. Please email us: [email protected]
  • This is the size of the paper for printing, not the size of the design. We print the largest possible size within the range of paper sizes.

(This guide applies to large transparent decals and smooth surfaces.)

  1. Clean the surface and make sure dust was wiped out thoroughly
  2. Spray Soapy Water to wet the surface and the decal
  3. Apply the decal and reposition graphic on the surface
  4. Remove air and water Apply heat on curves and corners to stretch the decal
  5. Enjoy the results

Note: For curved surfaces, you may have to use a hair dryer or heat dryer to heat the decals, then use your hands or a cloth to apply the decals to the surface, so applying the decals will achieve the best effect.

How To Apply A No-Contour Cut Decal