How To Choose The Living Room Correct Size Rug For Sectional Couch?

The Correct Size Rug For A Sectional Couch

The best thing for the guests is the sectional couches, which create a comfortable reception area and vibrant living room design.
Over the years, the area rug has been an essential part of sectional couch decor, but finding the right rug size for a sectional couch can be challenging. The size and shape of your rug depend on the shape of your sofa, so how can you create the perfect combination for your friendly space? Remember the details below.

The Living Room Correct Size Rug For Sectional Couch

When choosing the right carpet for the space, it is necessary to meet the following general principles.

Typical living room rug sizes are 3’x5′, 4’x6′, 5’x8′, 8’x10 ′ and 9’x12′.
You only need to use a 5×8 FT rug for living rooms with moderate space. It should be placed in the middle of the living area, and you can put it on top of a small drinking table in front of a long sofa.
If you have a very large living room, your rug should be at least 6 inches wider (8 inches is ideal) than your sofa on both sides. Typically run the rug the length of the sofa and give 30″ to 36″ of a walkway between large furniture pieces (if your living room allows for it). If not, then at least 18″-24″. That will give you the best suggestion for the size of your rug.

The Correct Size Rug For A Sectional Couch

How To Place And Size A Rug For Sectional Couch With Chaise

Let’s say you want your couch and coffee table to be positioned with all legs on the rug. If your sectional consists of two 8’ wide by 40” deep couches, your coffee table measures 4’ around, and you are leaving the recommended 18 inches of space between the two. The perfect rug size would be at least “12×10”. This allows for all legs to be on the rug and for a 6” extending on all sides of the layout.

How To Place And Size A Rug For Sectional Couch With Chaise

The Best Size Rug for A Three Piece (U-Shaped) Sectional Sofa

These corner sofa models, such as L-angle and U-shaped, are designed at 90-degree right angles to create a strong, luxurious look. When you combine a sofa with a carpet, you will need a large rug to complement each other to create a modern and high-class space. You can try to put the front legs of the sofa on the carpet.

  • The rug is placed close to the chair’s base but partially on the carpet.
  • The corner of the rug fits the corner of the sofa.
  • Specify the size to lay the carpet in the heart and correspond to the length and width of the chair, and the type of spread in the heart usually uses carpet 1m6 x 2m3 or 1m2 x 1m8. 

If the space is large, you should choose a carpet covering to match the room, and the size will is 2m x 2m8. You will put the entire table and chairs on the carpet.

The Correct Rug Size For A Small Sectional Couch

Have you a small space? You can create a seating area with loveseats and armchairs. We recommend all front legs stay on the mat so your furniture feels like it is not floating. Is a small living room suitable for a round, square, or rectangular sofa?

All of the above designs are suggestions for your family’s living room; however, most families living in apartment buildings have chosen round, square, or small rectangular, hexagonal floor rugs. They prioritize optimizing the built-in space and, at the same time, are manageable.

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Considering Textures And Color When Choosing The Rug Size

Now the colors and textures of rugs are unique, and there are many choices to meet the needs of all customers. Small living rooms should choose carpets that have neutral-toned colors and simple textures. This makes the space feel more open and spacious.

On the other hand, you can consider choosing sophisticated brocade carpets for large rooms, and rugs will be suitable for villas and villages. Remember to consider whether the color is harmonious and suitable for the house’s sectional couch and other furniture.

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Carpet designs are often very flexible, so you can combine a rug with any décor as long as the colors match. If the room has plenty of different colors, you should choose a patchy rug or a multi-colored rug so that the carpet has the color of each item a little such as curtains, sofas, and sofa pillows.

Living room sofa rugs are also very diverse in decorative patterns and textures, so you have more opportunities depending on the aesthetic taste of each person. Please emphasize once again that color is more important than style, so you choose the right color, then you can choose any design according to your style since this is your house.

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